Thursday, October 14, 2010

My recent projects...

Hi all!

Sorry for not updating this frequently, I have been really busy with school and two jobs! But I have also been busy thinking about this blog! :-) I apologize in advance...this entry is going to be quite lengthy!

First of all, I heard that President Obama is putting more solar panels in the White House. Former president, Jimmy Carter was the first to do so but it's nice to know that our current president is taking steps to better the environment! Check out this article for more info:

I started going to the San Marcos Farmer's Market (which is conveniently located in one of the parking lots of my school, Cal State San Marcos), and I was pleased to see a variety of organic farmers selling their fruits and vegetables and also an eco-friendly company that sells cool eco-friendly products! Please check it out here:

A friend of mine, Jarod, asked me to mention something about cigarette litter. We both feel strongly about this (as we both detest cigarettes), and we would like to encourage you (shame on you if you do!) and others to first of all, stop smoking cigarettes and second (if you or others smoke), to throw your cigarette butts in the ash tray! I get so angry when I see cigarette butts on the ground! Actually, I think I remember seeing a commercial or a video about a person witnessing someone that was littering and he/she followed that person home with all the the things that the other person littered and gave it to that person. It was pretty funny and if any of you know what I'm talking about or have seen this video, please share what it is! I'll try looking for it as well.

I attended the Jack Johnson concert last Saturday in San Diego and it was by far one of the best concerts I've ever been to! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jack Johnson loves the environment as well and there were about five local, eco-friendly non-profit organizations at the concert, supporting the cause! I talked to all of them and had the privilege of meeting some cool people and learned how I can volunteer in these organizations! He even has a whole greening section on his website! Check it out:

Last night, I went to a lecture at the Sea Life Aquarium in Legoland. It was organized by the San Diego Oceans Foundation and it was on the conservation of the Maui reef fish population by Snorkel Bob, Himself! This lecture opened my eyes to the effects of the Aquarium trade and how uninformed I was about it! It was so sad to learn that rare fish species (who are also Bob's friends), are being purchased online for people to display in their home aquariums! This must stop now! We need to conserve these rare fish species and protect the reef! For more info, visit, and click on "Snorkel Bob Foundation." Please don't turn a blind eye to this! It's truly disheartening but we all must do our part to help!

Lastly, I want to let all of you know that I am in the process of putting together a benefit concert for various local, eco-friendly, non-profit organizations sometime in December. My friend, Tim and I are in the process of getting this together so please stay tuned! I will let you know of more info once everything is set in stone!

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this and remember, "when we tug at anything in nature, we find it attached to everything in the universe" - John Muir.




vanschick17 said...

Nice Job Maymay =)

Did you watch that documentary about dolphins..I think it's called "The Cove?" It was soo good yet very depressing. You should watch it to become aware of what's going on with our dolphins.

When I become a marine biologist, I'm going to save our oceans! I'll finally be a true super hero B) haha.

Mayanne Atanacio said...

No, I haven't watched it yet but I will check it out! I get so sad when I hear about the whale wars, and the aquarium trade, etc. Poor animals! :-(

You should think about joining the San Diego Oceans Foundation. Check em out! I want to volunteer for them and you should join me! :-)

Amanda said...

I agree, The Cove is a must see. It's very heartbreaking and eye-opening indeed.

This week I was ecstatic to see that my school is taking part in making eco-friendly moves! On Wednesday our residence hall on campus hosted "Recycle Day". With the company of a few friends we gladly attended this event and received free stuff! In exchange for our recyclables, we received a free shirt! It said "We Hella Recycle" on the front might I add, conveniently so because the target crowd were students living and going to school in the Bay area. We also received a complimentary lunch :-) There was a great turn out and after speaking with the coordinators of the event, I was also pleased to find out that they will be attempting to put this event on once every month.

Ali said...

So I was doing laundry today and I was reminded that I had to blog about my environmentally friendly laundry detergent. I had no idea that this existed until I made a trip to Costco. It's plant based so it's biodegradable. It's made from bio-renewable resources so it's cruelty free and not animal tested. It also has a fresh and clean scent. Again, it can be purchased at Costco and is even a couple dollars cheaper than buying your average laundry detergent. I have currently been using this detergent and will definitely be buying it in the future. I highly recommend it!

Mayanne Atanacio said...

Amanda, we had an event like that at CSUSM last year and got a whole bunch of free recyclable products, including jar openers, highlighters, pens, etc. that were all made from recyclable materials! Events like these definitely encourage others to be more environmentally-friendly and not to mention...they're fun and free! I'm glad that your school is going to be doing this on a monthly basis!

Ali, my mom had also purchased the same detergent at Costco! It's great to see that a big company like Costco is making some eco-friendly moves (although they haven't been so friendly to our oceans and endangered fish species)! Check out this article: This relates to the story about the lecture I attended about the Aquarium trade. Truly saddening :(

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