Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walking the walk

Yesterday, I took two exams and used a "Green Book" for the written portion of the exams. They changed it from "Blue Book" to "Green Book." I found this on the Berkeley website:

Lead change with the Green Book revolution!

green book resized.jpg
UC Berkeley faculty and students can lead change by recommending and using Green Books for exams. Examination books, which have historically been referred to by their traditional blue color, have also gone GREEN!
What's in the color difference?  How about 100% recycled paper made with 30% post consumer waste. 
The Cal Student Store sells blue and green examination books at the same price, despite the increased cost of the Green Books.  Green Book prices:  Small: $.35  Large: $.45
Make your exams green this year - ask for and use Green Books!

I went to Souplantation today and was delighted to see that they are engaging in eco-friendly practices! Not only is their food good but they're also eco-friendly! I love this place even more!

I wanted to share some eco-friendly practices I have recently been engaging in:
  • Bringing my own coffee mug when I buy tea from the coffeehouse on campus! They even gave me a discount for being eco-friendly! Thanks for the idea, Amber! :-)
  • Turning off the light in the bathroom during the day because there is enough daylight that illuminates the entire bathroom (while I shower, brush my teeth, etc.)
  • Duplex printing! I swear by it! When I print documents, I use both sides of the page. I strongly encourage you to do this because it saves paper, ink, and money! We all know that printer ink isn't cheap! I print the odd pages first then place those pages back in the printer and it prints on the other side of the page. Voila!
What are some eco-friendly practices that YOU engage in?! Please share!

I've been using Hippy Tree calendars for the past three years! Not only are they a hip company with stylish products and apparel, but they're also eco-friendly! Check them out here: www.hippytree.com

I'm currently in the beginning stages of putting on a benefit/fundraiser concert to help donate money to environmentally-friendly non profit organizations. I have contacted Green Peace, San Diego Coast Keeper, and CALPIRG. Please visit their websites to find out more about their organizations:
I have also contacted a couple of reggae bands to play at the concert. I'm currently in the process of finding a venue for this concert. I will keep you updated! If you have any contacts or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!


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